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My name is Gregory Pegher. This is my blog. I do very boring work for my day job, so I am a photographer on nights and weekends to keep my inner artist from dying of boredom.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to create something beautiful, be it through writing, painting, photography, or any other medium. Photography is a means for me to do just that.

At first I thought that photography was no more than capturing the world around you; a sort of time-freeze of a thing or a moment. While that is true, I have come to realize that being a photographer is much more than acting as an archivist of the world one snippet at a time. Anyone can point a camera and take a picture, but not everyone can create a photograph. There are things to consider; composition, lighting, shutter speed, in-camera effects, angle, distance, depth of field, and a myriad of others. Each of these things will affect your photograph, and all of this is prior to any post-processing.

I began by taking pictures of the world around me whenever something caught my eye for some aesthetic or silly reason. After many rolls of film (yes, I have owned cameras that were not digital) and tens of thousands of digital images, these hallmarks of a good image were ingrained and almost second nature. Then one day a friend of mine asked if I would take some pictures of her for submission to a themed calendar. I found that that it was much more difficult to create the image that we envisioned than it was to to take a picture of a scene laid out before you. Between theory and execution there was a gulf that was much harder to cross than I had ever suspected. Eventually we got a few images that we both liked, one of which was accepted and printed in the calendar.

After my initial experience working with a model I was determined to learn and master the art of creating a photograph instead of just taking one. I upgraded my camera, called on all of my friends to model for me, and burned through several years and tens of thousands more images learning my craft. I studied the images that I liked from other photographers, read books on the mechanics of cameras, and studied the theory of composition. Things began to gel, and now, several years later, I consider myself to be a semi-pro photographer.

What that means for you is that I am available to help you with your model portfolio, capture the joy of your pregnancy, produce impressive head-shots, create an intimate photo-book for you and your spouse, or simply to produce better photos of yourself to share with friends and family.

Contact me. Let’s make something beautiful.

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